Department of Health,Kaohsiung City Government

Health Management Section

Health Management Section

Community Health Section

(A) Perinatal genetics.
(B) Health management of pregnant and postpartum.
(C) Health management of infants and pre-school children.
(D) Illness prevention of middle-aged and elderly people.
(E) Cancer prevention.
(F) Management of district public health centers.

Community Health Construction

(A) Health environment planning.
(B) Assistance of community health promotion center establishment.

Clinical Nursing Section

Nursing Administration

Management of licensed nursing and midwife personnel.

Tobacco Hazards Control and Prevention Section

(A) Examination of tobacco hazards control.
(B) Tobacco hazards control promotion.
(C) Establishment of information system for tobacco hazards control.
(D) Consultation service for smoking cessation.
※ Smoking-cessation hotline : 0800-636363
※ Complaint hotline : 0800-571571 ; 07-7128969

Laws and Regulations:

Cancer Control and Prevention
Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act
Nursing Personnel Law
Midwifery Personnel Law