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The Pioneer of「Temporary Epidemic Prevention Residence for Foreign Workers」Initiated by Kaohsiung City

The Pioneer of「Temporary Epidemic Prevention Residence for Foreign Workers」Initiated by Kaohsiung City

Posted on: 2020-12-22  Posted by: Disease Control Office
Social Welfare and Industrial Foreign Workers Can Submit Their Check-in Applications During the First Three Days of Self-health Monitoring

According to Kaohsiung City Government statistics from December 2nd to December 16th, the number of people who undergo home quarantine has increased from 3,408 to 4,178, among of which the number of migrant workers has increased from 1,261 to 2,167 (with an increase of 41.8%), in addition, during the statistical period from December 2nd to December 16th, there have been 33 confirmed cases of COVID-19, among of which 12 individuals have been tested and confirmed, accounting to 36% of the total number of confirmed cases during the period of self-health monitoring (the 15th to 21st day of entry). This shows that the transmission risk of COVID-19 still exists during the period of self-health monitoring and home quarantine. As a result, it is essential that we continue to implement all epidemic prevention measures during the self-health monitoring period. To avoid the fact that possible transmission risks may be caused as human resources agencies, and healthcare management companies often place migrant workers in multi-person dormitories during the period when international migrant workers have performed home quarantine, but uncompleted specimen collection and physical checkup at state expense, Kaohsiung City Government initiates “temporary epidemic prevention residence for foreign workers” which officially launches on December 13th. Social welfare and industrial foreign workers who have carried out their 14-day home quarantine but fail to have an appropriate suite or an isolated room to live in, the proprietors can apply to Kaohsiung City Government for accommodation and enjoy free accommodation for three days on approved by review. The foreign workers can start working and continue to complete the 4-day self-heath monitoring (a total of 7 days for self-health monitoring and home quarantine) upon having obtained their negative specimen test report and received physical examination until the end of 21 day after entering the country. This allows all foreigners to practice self-care correctly in accordance with epidemic prevention guidance in a safe living environment and keep track of the general health status of workers at the same time.

Kaohsiung City Government indicates further that Kaohsiung City has the largest number of foreign labor agencies and healthcare management companies in the country, with a rough estimation of 1800 social welfare and industrial foreign workers and deep-sea fishermen entering the country by air in December. Since distant fishery in Kaohsiung continues to thrive and flourish, there have been hundreds of fishing boats, carryings more than four thousand fishermen returned to Kaohsiung Port in December. To take good care of the migrant workers/ fishermen, Kaohsiung City Government has set up 90 “temporary epidemic prevention residences” where safe, temporary living spaces in compliance with epidemic prevention regulations are provided to social welfare and industrial foreign workers aside from mapping out quarantine hotels with 3,850 rooms for foreigners to undergo the 14-day home quarantine. There have been 67 international migrant workers checked in up until December 17th.

To cope with the continuous severity of COVID-19, the epidemic prevention team of Kaohsiung City Government continuous to prepare for and enhance the capacity of epidemic prevention for reducing the possible transmission risks. Apart from the requiring of entrants to implement and cooperate with epidemic prevention measures and observe home quarantine regulations, control measures aiming at international migrant workers during the period of self-management of health after the expiration of home quarantine period are strengthened. Migrant workers including social welfare and industrial foreign workers and deep-sea fishermen are requested to carry out self-management of health for seven days and are visited/phoned daily by a dedicated person in hopes of giving the warmest epidemic prevention care. Kaohsiung City Government would like to urge all citizens and foreigners under home quarantine to abide by and cooperate with the epidemic control regulations for preventing future epidemics in the community.
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